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Our mission at here is to provide our consumers with professional and polite service. Our qualified and friendly personnel will provide outstanding workmanship with remarkable results.
This indicates remarkable service from the initial point of contact – right from that very first phone call or email right through to the conclusion of the task.

WHY SELECT our company?

What sets us apart:
Know-how and Experience – Our team is led and trained by industry pros who has more than Ten Years" experience in the A/C market and possesses a Red-Seal Journeyman Certificate. He is also a qualified IICRC – Fire & Smoke Repair Service technician, focusing on A/C restoration.
Cleaning the blower – We are among the only companies in the market that is trained and qualified to pull the blower from the furnace and clean the blower and we do it every time. This enables us to do a “complete" furnace cleaning.

The time we require to finish the service – If a duct cleaner can be in and out of your home in less than 45-75 minutes, the task may be done however it"s not done right. The average home takes us 2– 4 hours.
Our personnel – We aim to provide our specialists with a positive and healthy work environment where to grow. In turn, their enthusiasm is reflected in the quality of the work they will do for you.
Upfront rates – The rate we estimate is the rate you pay. There are no hidden costs or lowball quotes to obtain in your door and surprise you when we are there. We will not charge you additional if you exceed a maximum permitted variety of vents. In fact, we do not even make you count your vents!

We are so much more than simply furnace and duct cleaning. Please examine our services/prices section to see the full degree of what we can do for you.

1. How are my ducts cleaned throughout a heater and duct cleaning?
First, all the return and supply ducts are covered with magnetic register covers to get ready for cleaning. Cold air returns on the walls are covered with specially developed vent adhesives that cover only the vent, safeguarding your walls. Next, our vacuum (which uses 7500 cubic feet of suction per minute) is attached to the main plenum of your furnace. If there is air conditioning in your house there will be an a/c coil on top of the furnace, which will have to be bypassed, as it would be harmed if we were to pull dust and debris through it as an access point. The bypass includes a cleaning of the AIR CONDITIONER coil itself by the serviceman while the ductwork is being cleaned, as it also requires routine maintenance.

When the high-powered compressor on the Powervac truck is switched on, an unfavorable air pressure system is developed in your ductwork as the compressor pulls air from the sealed vent system. The assistant will begin cleaning the ducts at the leading floor and work their method down cleaning from the point of the register to the furnace. Each private vent cover is removed and each boot gets blown utilizing our 200-250 PSI compressed air. The negative air pressure enables the air that is blown to obtain drawn down through the vent and into the main duct run. All types of vents are cleaned.

The compressor also creates a more powerful air flow for the vacuum– pushing the air to the vacuum that pulls the air. The main run is then cleaned after all of the supply and return vents are shimmering. One inch holes are drilled in the main duct run to provide access to place the Viper Clean Sweep System ®. If access holes are currently present, there is no need to drill brand-new ones. The reverse skipper head (element of Viper Clean Sweep System ®) is sent out into the length of the main run and spins at a high velocity, air scrubbing the interior. The serviceman uses all the access holes to continue to push the remaining dust and debris from the clearing out through the access point, through the tube, and out to the truck. Finally, the ductwork is decontaminated with our hospital-grade air disinfectant spray to sterilize the ductwork from pollutants, mold, and germs.

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